tisdag 26 februari 2013

Book circle, Engelska

Personal Description: Josh is a boy on 15 years. Josh is that guy who will be someone and  show other who he can be. 
But in real he is a great boy, who will show his mum and dad what he can. But his sister is there and take over the place all the time. So he goes out and do stupid things with a gang.
But when he do that stupid things like; take stuff or burn house and that he is’nt scary but when he’s get home his really scary that his dad figure out that was him because his father has read the newspaper. And of course he realise all he have done was stupid and he was sad about it, but I think it was a relief. Because he takes out his angry when he do that things.

 This book is about a boy whos name is Josh and hes 15 years old. He has a sister whos name is Beth and she is very kind and good at all. Hes parents don’t love him like they love his sister because he is not good at school like her and Josh is not that kind like her. He is on a gang to, that Mitch is a boss over. Mitch is  Josh friend David’s brother. That gang is not a good gang, they burns cars and chuck stones on the police and one time they burned school and when Josh comes home his mother says: ” Josh! Is that your school on fire? I hope not! Beth is in there ” and his sister burns her ear. 
The police never find out it was he and the gang who killed the animals and marked Beth for life. In the end he stop doing this things because he loves hes sister and parents.
Everyone love someone. Even a firebug.

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