tisdag 25 februari 2014

WordWork, engelska

1. work out: train
2. reply: repeat
3. chase: hunt
4. evil: bad
5. fault: wrong

1. notice: When you find out about something
2. terrifying: when you are really really scared
3. chase: When you run after someone
4. belong to: someone owns it
5. curious: when you really want’s to know about something

1. Do you want a hug?
2. You’re bleading on your forehead!
3. I was really terrifying that they would found out about it.
4. I think we’re going in the wrong direction.
5. I just want you to know that he is bad tempered.

1. work out - couch potato
2. curl - straight
3. survive - die
4. fear - scared

5. upset - happy

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