tisdag 27 november 2012

Brevet, Engelska

Hi Sabina.

Right now I´m in Lund, Sweden. And it’s little snow out there, but not much, and it’s dark. The Christmas starting now!

We have been eating already. Me and my family have been eating very great Christmas food and very much also. You know food like potatoes, ham, and swedish meatballs. But now we all are waiting at the Santa and laughing and have fun. But I sitting in my room right now and just writing this to you. I like Christmas and so, but right now I will just chill.

 Tomorrow I´m going to grandma and grandpa and celebrate Christmas again with them. I hope this Christmas is the best one.

 What are you doing now, for Christmas? What will you do in New Year? If you don´t do nothing specially, you maybe can sleep here?

 Hugs Gabriella

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