onsdag 2 oktober 2013

Lockie Lenoard episode 12 sumary

Lockie think he acts like a dog because he's in love with Dot. But he's not either a good brother or son or friend, because he said it out laod that his brother Philip is in love with Lisa and that Lisa will never like Philip. Lockie didn't help his mother put up the sign so she did it by her self. When it was a meating about the lake he didn't come to said the speak so Egg had to do it by him self even tho he don't like to speak in front of people. Egg got mad and went home after the meating. Eggs perants hade their 20 year aneversaty and Egg wanted to make them breakfast but Lockie didn't help egg with the chairs so ths chair destroyed the breakfast. Then Lockie cooked breakfast fo reggs parents and said taht egg did it and then they was friend again.

By: Anima and Gabriella

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