tisdag 5 november 2013

EndOfStory, Engelska

The day after Emma get more text message from this person. She felt out of tears and her mum came in to say that the dinner is ready for her, but she found her daughter crying at the floor instead. They began to talk about the split between Rachel and Emma and the boy they arguing about and the text messages. Emma's mum called the police. The police came to there house and took Emma’s phone. She started to cry because everything was so wrong in her life right now. She had told her self for about 2 months ago that it will be a great year but then this boy came between me and Rachel and all gets so bad. When the police called Emma’s mum back some days later, Emma's mum told her that it was a boy at Emma’s school which send her the message. And his name is Simon Clark. Emma was happy and sad at the same time and she didn’t now what to do. Her mum told her to call Rachel and that Emma should told Rachel everything, so she did. Rachel came over to Emma and they talked about the incident. Then they became friends again. The police was over at Simon’s place and talked to his parents. And everybody were happy again. 


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