onsdag 15 januari 2014

Baby's Ear Summarizer

Val’s mom was worried about Val’s grandma because she has changed when she moved to Florida. Her grandma had started watch a lot of TV all day or sleep the hole day long. And grandma have also started to talk about that she wanted to move back to New York. So Val decided to make her grandma like Florida. Val has a huge collection of seashells, she has lots of different varieties of shells. Her favorite seashell was called Baby's Ear and look just like a ear on a baby. When she looked at her seashells it hit her. She asked her grandma if she wanted to go to the beach with her and then her grandma told her that she was afraid of the water. Val self loved the beach to see the waves and all that kind of stuff. At first her grandma didn't want to go, but then she went along with it. Val begged her grandma to help her to find some beautiful seashells. At first her grandma thought that it was boring but then she find a Pink Triton. And Val was so happy so her grandma continued to look after seashells to her granddaughter. When they was finished with the searching they walked in to the ocean and after that they went home. And Val's grandma told Val's mum that she want to create a own shell collection. Then Val and her mum looked at each other and shared a secret smile.

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